2016 September

We would like to refresh your memory with the Corporate Rates. As we remember previous year brought us a new federal government, which also brought us some tax changes. Some of the taxes are more technical in nature. The federal general tax rates are unchanged and remain at 15% for 2016. However, some provincial general, […]

IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers was issued in May 2014 and replaces IAS 11 Construction Contracts, IAS 18 Revenue and various interpretations. IFRS 15 establishes a single model of accounting for revenue arising from contracts with customers. IFRS 15 requires entities to recognize revenue reflecting the transfer of goods or services to customers […]

When a business owner of a small to medium business is searching for best accounting software, he or she is looking for the user-friendly and inexpensive solution. Let’s look at available cloud-based apps that today’s market can suggest us today. QuickBooks Online Overall the best software for business is QuickBooks Online. It starts from $10/monthly, […]