Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid. – Frank Zappa

While the press mainly focused on spending cuts, we listed here changes that will have more impact on finance side of our clients.

PKF Antares is delighted to announce the planned merger with GTA (Ontario) based accounting and business advisory firm CTN Accounting (CTN).

Do you want to avoid CRA Audits? These are the points to watch out

When you’re getting ready your tax returns, you want to make sure you prepare your tax returns in such a way that the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) doesn’t approach you for a tax audit.

With the increasing popularity of cannabis products of all kinds causing considerable growth globally, our experts provide their international insights into the trends shaping the market.

Blockchain is a growing list of record, called blocks that are linked using cryptography.

Bitcoin and several rival forms of cryptocurrency experienced record-breaking growth in recent years, leaving many investors and their CPAs grappling with uncertainty and surprise during tax season.

The classic case based on real experiences across different companies, solutions, and consultants, typically revolves around understanding a client’s business environment “AS IS” and then figuring out its “TO BE” state.

Are you sure of using all the tax deductions you are eligible for? Are you filing and paying your taxes on time and avoiding penalties and interest? We can help you optimizing your taxes and saving money.

A cyber-attack is the intelligent and sophisticated type of modern day robbery and fraud.

The draft rules announced by the Department of Finance on December 13, 2017, now extend the TOSI rules to certain family members over the age of 17.

Under the new rules, investment income will be tweaked with a number of adjustments to come up with a new amount called, “adjusted aggregate investment income”.