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Maximize the strategic benefits of your PKF Antares investment


Implementing a successful ERP solution lays the groundwork for companies to initiate new projects, streamline and enhance current operations, cut costs, and increase profits. Change poses challenges for many organizations, regardless of their size or structure, but through meticulous planning and guiding the change management process, PKF Antares Consulting Services aims to reduce the stress linked to adopting or transitioning to a new system.

Boasting many years of practical, hands-on experience, our Consulting Services team excels in boosting business capabilities through ERP software. We dedicate ourselves to comprehending your strategic business objectives and expected results, acting as your trusted advisor. Our goal is to enable you to devote more time to your customers, thereby generating greater value for your business.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software designed for business process management, aimed at enhancing an organization's efficiency by offering a suite of integrated, centralized applications. These applications support and automate various business functions, from accounting and human resources to sales and inventory management. Depending on the ERP system chosen, organizations might also gain access to additional capabilities like marketing automation, expense tracking, event planning, and supply chain management, further streamlining their operations.


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Why Use Enterprise Resource Planning Software?

Utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in your organization offers a multitude of advantages, primarily due to its capacity to serve as the centralized hub for all organizational data. Before the adoption of an ERP system, companies often encounter a common challenge: managing their operations through multiple, disparate business solutions and applications, which makes synchronization a daunting task. This is precisely the problem that ERP systems aim to solve. By focusing on enhancing business processes, an ERP system can lead to significant cost reductions, boost employee productivity and satisfaction, improve overall organizational visibility, and, by integrating business processes, achieve greater operational efficiency.


Do You Require ERP Consulting?

Unsure about which ERP system fits your organization best or if you're leveraging your existing system's full potential? Then, ERP consulting might be the solution you need. Top-tier ERP consultants possess extensive knowledge across various software platforms and their application in enhancing business operations. They play a crucial role in guiding you towards the appropriate software choice that aligns with your business objectives. At PKF Antares, our ERP consultants typically hold advanced degrees in computer science and/or business management, staying abreast of the latest advancements in business software technologies. This expertise positions them as valuable assets in managing your ERP system's deployment and ongoing maintenance. Furthermore, consultants collaborate with developers, applying their project management skills to efficiently allocate resources for specific tasks.

Additionally, if your organization has already decided on implementing an ERP system, leveraging ERP consulting can significantly improve the management and execution of your ERP project, ensuring it is tailored to meet your organization's unique needs.


What's the Duration of ERP Implementation?

The timeline for deploying a new ERP solution can vary widely, ranging from 2 to 24 months. This duration is influenced by several factors, including the number of software services or modules being rolled out, the total number of users, and the extent of customization required for the ERP system to meet your specific needs. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly discuss all your ERP requirements at the outset of the project. Doing so enables your consultant to offer a precise estimate of the project's duration, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the implementation timeline.




The Cost of ERP Consulting

The investment in ERP consulting varies significantly based on several factors. It's influenced by your business's size, the ERP system's complexity, and the number of end-users. Additionally, the number of departments within your organization and the required level of support or training will also play a role in determining the consulting costs. At PKF Antares, we offer our ERP consulting services through pre-paid blocks of hours tailored to each client's specific requirements. This billing method allows businesses to effectively manage their ERP software consulting expenses and adhere to their budget.

The Benefits of ERP Consulting

Opting for ERP consulting is a strategic move to guarantee the success of your ERP implementation project. Consulting services are designed to maximize the benefits of ERP software for your business. While some software solutions might seem straightforward for deployment by an internal IT team, ensuring your ERP system is set up correctly to meet your company's unique needs is crucial. That's where our business expertise and support services come into play. ERP consulting can safeguard businesses against common, costly pitfalls associated with ERP implementation.

ERP consulting services, like those provided by PKF, are essential for supporting companies throughout every phase of their ERP software implementation. Consultants are on hand to guide and enhance your business's profitability, offering indispensable assistance tailored to your specific needs.